Biomechanical / Biomedical

Our Biomechanical, Biomedical, Medical, Dental and Nursing Group includes professionals with experience involving IME’s, workman’s comp claims; medical malpractice; environmental and occupational exposures; epidemiology; toxicology; pharmacology; psychology; psychiatry; cardiology; neurology; OB/GYN; fertility; physical therapy; ophthalmology; oral/dental surgery; geriatrics; medical equipment failures and defects; prosthetic and orthotic product defects and failures; standards of care, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and long-term care facilities; and patient procedures. These experts are supported, as needed, by our Certified Industrial Hygienists’ (CIHs’); and Environmental, Occupational, and Human Factors experts.

First NameLast NameTitleCV Abstract
Timothy S.Allen, MDPsychologistPsychology; traumatic brain injury; medical malpractice; standard of care; suicide; informed consent; medical ethics; worker’s compensation; medical licensure review; fitness for duty; dangerousness assessment; competency to stand trial; criminal responsibility; employer consultation – workplace violence; post-traumatic stress disorder; accommodation for standardized examinations (ADA); mood disorders; child custody evaluations; child testimony; antidepressants; personality disorders; insanity defense; anxiety disorders; repressed memories; psychopharmacology; depression; psychiatric evaluations; telepsychiatry; effects of cocaine; effects of carbon monoxide poisoning; anxiety disorders; panic disorders; antisocial personality disorders.
RobertBelloto, Jr., RPh, PhD, CGP, FASCPPharmacology Expert Licensed in Ohio and Pennsylvania
Toxicology and pharmacokinetics concerning drug warnings, interactions, and reactions; medication therapy management services; reviewing patient charts; drug therapy recommendations; drug therapy monitoring; drug information services; contract instructional services; pharmaceutical calculating; admixtures and chemotherapy treatments; antibiotics; thromboembolism, arrhythmias, sleep disorder, biostatics, and schizophrenia studies; Intoxylizer 5000, 8000 and BAC DataMaster breath testing; urine alcohol testing; anticoagulation therapy; geriatric pharmacology; lipid management; child pharmacokinetics; aging drug effects; statins; strokes; pharmacotherapy; antimicrobial therapy; nutritional standards; neuro-oncology.
William M.Bisordi, MD, FACPGastroenterology/Internal Medicine Expert Gastroenterology; hepatology; internal medicine; Esophagus: surgery, endoscopic procedures, GERD, perforation, cancer, varices; Stomach: ulcer, NSAIDS, cancer, H.pylori; Small intestine: Crohn's disease, malabsorption, obstruction; Colon: perforation, polyps, cancer, diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis; Anal: rectal disease- hemorrhoids, fissures, cancer, sexually transmitted disease ; Liver: cirrhosis, metastatic cancer, metabolic disease, hepatitis; Gall bladder: laparoscopic cholecystectomy, cholecystitis; Pancreas: ERCP, pancreatitis, malignancy.
Dr. TheronBlickenstaff, MD, FACOEMMedical, Occupational, and Environmental ExpertWorkers Compensation; Social Security Disabilities; toxic tort; product liability; indoor air quality; mold; workplace exposures; lung diseases; cleaning chemicals inhalation/ingestion; a plastic anemia; epidemiology; exposure limits; carcinogens; reproductive hazards; Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS); risk assessments; chemical sensitivities; idiopathic environmental intolerance; fitness-for-work examinations; communicable diseases; general preventative, environmental, and occupational medicine.
Diane S.Brown, RNNursing Expert Patient health care including acute and critical care nursing; coronary care; post-operative open-heart surgery; assisted-living care; nurse training and supervision; LCC standards; federal, state and local regulations; nursing home and long-term care.
ChristineBruning, MSN, RNNursing ExpertPatient care; nursing practice; OB labor and delivery; perinatal woman's health; nursing management and leadership; clinical research and practice; postpartum care; nursery care; birth center deliveries; childbirth education; caring for newborns; pediatrics; medical surgery.
MichaelBurnstein, MDMedical Psychiatry ExpertForensic psychiatry; child and adolescent psychiatry; competency determinations; insanity evaluations; commitment to hospitalization; danger and suicide assessments; independent psychiatric evaluations; medical malpractice; mental health law; sexual harassment; correctional facility and prison mental health; restraint and seclusion of patients; school mental health, special education; mental retardation, autism, asbergers syndrome; family violence; post-traumatic stress disorder; disability evaluations/ workers compensation.
George W.Cyphers, LPC, CRC, CDMSVocational & Life Care Planning ExpertLife Care Planning; evaluation of economic loss; lost income; loss of earning; worklife expectancy; vocational testing, rehabilitation evaluation; work capacity evaluations including physical testing; transferable skills analysis; ergonomic modification; clinical guidance, training, case consultation; review and interpret medical and psychological data; develop and implement rehabilitation plans; managing difficult workers; counseling ethics; childhood development disorders.
Robert J.Devers, Psy DChild/School PsychologistJuvenile justice system; child death reviews, including SIDS; school/emergency crisis response; physical interventions; motivational interviewing; bi-polar diagnoses and treatment; historical trauma/inter-generational oppression; medical/physiological bases of addictions; child sexual abuse treatment; cognitive behavioral treatment OCD, PTSD; head start mental health provider training; working with eating disorder clients; dynamics of step families; treatment of abused and neglected children; disruptive behavioral disorders treatment; behavior management/recipient rights; treatment of developmentally disabled sexual offenders; therapeutic interventions with children; FAS & FAE diagnosis and treatment.
Monica ElizabethDoerr, MDEndocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism ExpertEndocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism; internal medicine; hypothyroidism; diabetes medications; hypoglycemia; thyroid cancer; adrenal cancer; inhaled corticosteroids; adrenal insufficiency; pancreas; diabetic ketoacidosis; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
LisaFerrara, D. EngBiomedical EngineerMusculoskeletal injuries, brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, trauma induced injuries, spinal disorders and the biomechanics of spinal trauma. Biomechanical behavior of the brain, head injuries, defective helmets and associated brain injuries, spinal injuries, etiologies that affect the central nervous system, sensory loss, child abuse, shaken baby syndrome, and the effects of substance abuse on the brain.
Harvey W.Halbertstadt, MDForensic Psychiatrist/ PsychologistDiminished capacity; child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry; competency determinations; marriage and family counseling; sexual exhibition, rape, and trauma; police harassment; employer harassment; bank robbery; depression, anxiety, and behavioral problems; homicide; posttraumatic stress disorder; emotional impairment; closed head injuries; arson; embezzlement; factitious disorder; spousal abuse; custody; stalking; command hallucinations; addiction; kleptomania; gambling and substance abuse; insanity pleas; hypnosis.
Vanessa R.Heckman, RN, MSN, CNP, CLNCNursing Expert Medical malpractice cases; independent medical examinations and histories; summarize, translate, and interpret medical records; identify causation issues; assess damages/injuries; analyze research studies; identify need for Life Care Planner; family practice, urgent care, and retail medicine; neonatal intensive care; medical-surgical; home health; pediatrics; office nursing; assess, diagnose, and treat acute illnesses; patient and family education; suturing, eye examinations, and foreign body removal, splinting, and reading X-rays; pelvic exams and newborn assessment; lab result and X-ray reviews.
MelissaHumbert-Washington, MSW, LSWSocial Work ExpertSocial work; client care; agency/housing administration, policies, operations, supervision, and practices; standard-of-care; TSA rural housing programs; diagnostic assessments and updates; individualized service plans; referrals; discharge and transfer summaries; assessments and intervention plans; interagency collaboration; homelessness services; Primrose lesson plans and daily requirements; infant and child care; therapeutic foster care; group and individual interventions; academic activities; therapeutic activities; Turning Point.
Laurence A.Jacobs, MD, FACOGOb/Gyn – Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility ExpertReview medical records; gynecologic laparoscopy surgery complications (bowel, bladder, or blood vessel); infertility, in-vitro fertilization, and reproductive endocrinology; multiple pregnancies and tubal ectopic pregnancies; fertility drugs, miscarriages, and pelvic infections; endometriosis and pelvic adhesions.
Theodore D.Kessis, PhDDNA & Biology ExpertDNA and biology issues; Molecular Microbiology; Gynecologic Pathology; Immunology; Infectious Disease; Pathobiology; Virology.
Robert C.Krause, MS, EMT-P, CFIEmergency Medical Services ExpertEmergency Medical Services (EMS); Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT); emergency vehicle driving operations; EMS chart and protocol reviews; EMS, EMT, and paramedic policies, procedures, and standards of care; emergency communications procedures; fire department operations, ambulance operations, fire department training procedures; fire suppression tactics; fire, rescue, and extrication operations; law enforcement policies and procedures; safety and security training; emergency medicine, including pediatric; medical records review; first responder training; OSHA compliance; water safety; telecommunications; respiratory and cardiac arrest; chemical agents, including WMD's; school violence and security; workplace violence.
Margo BonnellKunze, RNNursing Home & Assisted Living ExpertPatient health care; assisted living and nursing home administration, operations, supervision, and practices, including “standard-of-care” procedures; clinical care consultation; quality improvement programs; quality audit tools; regulatory compliance; state survey preparation; problem identification and solutions; state and federal inspections; Achieve EMR Training; Federally mandated MDS (Minimum Data Set); OBRA regulatory compliance; Folstein Mini Mental Status Examination; restraints; psychoactive medications; Alzheimer’s disease; Dementias; geriatric health care; chemotherapy and pain management; data collections systems and tools; hospice activities; in-home respite care; Home Medical Alert Systems; falls management; medication management.
Richard FrankLavi, MD, FAAAAI, FAAPAllergy, Asthma, and Immunology Medical ExpertMedical issues, including allergies, asthma, immunology, and associated symptoms/syndromes; plant molecular biology; special needs children; plasma cell myositis; T-cell immunodeficiency; nutrition; rheumatoid arthritis; immune dysfunction.
Caryn A.Leifer, BA, RN, LNC, CALAAssisted Living & Nursing Home ExpertAssisted living and nursing homes, including administration, operations, supervision, and practices; “standard-of-care” procedures; assisted living facilities inspections; assisted living regulations including nursing, pharmacy medication pass, dietary (kitchen cleanliness and resident nutritional status), and building maintenance, activities, etc; deficiencies and complaints; plans of corrections; dispute resolutions; federal (CMS), and state regulations; geriatric units; medication including insulin injections; nursing standards of practice; nurse training.
Margo L.LoganChild/Daycare & Developmentally Disabled Adults ExpertChild care; daycare center administration, management, and practices, including standard-of-care; Child Protective Services (CPS) Litigation Consultant; trainer on child care government regulations; early childhood, elementary, and high school special needs programs; licensed child care investigator; foster care; developmentally disabled adults; family home child care; state child care management systems; Department of Early Learning (DEL) training; Independent Living Programs; drug and alcohol issues.
Lawrence S.Mayer, MD, MS, PhDMedical & Epidemiology ExpertEpidemiology and Biostatistics; statistical data analysis; study and model review; valuation of epidemiological studies and clinical trials; meta-analysis; evaluation of causal content of epidemiological studies; drug and medical development and regulation; product liability; occupational and environmental exposures; medical malpractice; toxicology; cardiology; OB/GYN; surgery; psychiatry/neuropsychiatry; internal medicine; disease prognosis; biomedical informatics; multiple regression; time series modeling; stochastic processes; multivariate analysis; statistical inference; public policy; energy analysis.
Norman S.Miller, MD, JD, PLLCMedical ExpertPsychiatry; addictions; medical malpractice; product liability; medications; neurology; criminal responsibility; independent medical evaluations; detoxification; alcohol and drug addition, abuse and treatment.
Susan K.Murry, MSN, CRPNNursing ExpertPatient care; nursing practices; medical facility "standard-of-care" procedures; OSHA compliance; school health; family care including pediatrics, gynecology and gerontology; occupational injury assessment and treatment; child abuse and neglect screening; communicable diseases including STD's; community health education; pharmacology; pathophysiology.
Dr. Joseph S.Ohr, Jr, MD, RPhMedical Surgeon, Pharmacist, and PathologistMedical surgery; pharmacology; anatomical, clinical, and trauma pathology; wounds; sudden infant death syndrome; cancers and tumors; therapeutics; tissue mortality; psychopharmacology; drugs and drug abuse; HIV; viruses and bioterrorism; CPR; funeral home operations/procedures, including embalming.
Thomas B.PeelerPlastics ExpertPart/mold design optimization; polymer materials; medical implants; CAE Analysis, including mold flow/cooling/warp analysis and FEA; problem solving and failure identification; design and cost assessments; material selection and performance; solids CAD modeling experience (Pro-E, Solidworks); process condition optimization; metal to plastic conversions; injection molding machines.
BrucePodrat, MBA, MHANursing Home & Assisted Living ExpertHealth care facilities including community hospitals, multi-hospital systems, academic, medical, and research centers, managed care organizations, large physician entities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities; standard of care; ambulatory care environments; hospital and medical staff bylaws; interpretation of JCAHO standards; managed care contracting; administrative and billing compliance; calculation of lost earnings; health care facility policies and procedures; administrative and board of trustee standards; nursing home and assisted living facility standards, policies, and procedures; physician credentialing issues; special services including trauma, oncology, ER, neonatal, ICU, open heart, and OR; negligent hiring matters; physician contract matters; applicability of intermediate sanctions rules; contract disputes between institutions and providers of service; medical compliance issues; drug errors; patient falls; coding disputes; evaluation of medical costs.
Mitchell Z.Pollak, MD, FAAOS, CIMEOrthopaedic SurgeonOrthopaedic surgery; IME’s (Independent Medical Exams); medical record reviews; physical force analysis; bone healing; verbal and written reports; affidavits; depositions; courtroom testimony.
Duane B.Priddy, PhDMaterials / Chemistry ExpertRheology of plastics/plasticization; medical implants (e.g. hip/ knee/ shoulder/ elbow); materials characterization, specification, and selection; certification testing; product inspections and testing procedures; failure mechanisms; chemical and solvent resistency; weatherability, stabilization, and degradation; flammability; food packaging; automotive applications; organic peroxides; films/foams; styrenic polymers; paints and coatings testing and failure mechanisms; adhesives; rubbers, elastics, fabrics and fibers failures and testing.
Rebecca A.Reier, BS, RN, CRNA (Ret.), CCS-PMedical Billing ExpertMedical care fees, coding, insurance requirements, and receipts; medical practice management; write offs/adjustments; future damages; medical billing fraud; claims analysis; anesthesia and analgesia; endotracheal intubation.
Sheila M.Roof, BSN, RN, CNML, LNCNursing ExpertPatient care; nursing practice; standard-of-care procedures; acute care; STEPPS care; dialysis and renal care; Medicare and Medicaid coverage; emergency department care; cardiac arrest; STEMI care; stroke care; arterial venous fistula care; certification of dialysis technicians; dermatology practice; regulatory compliance; medical records validation; allergy, dermatology, neurology, nephrology, pediatrics, oncology, endocrinology, and plastic surgery care; medical surgical care; CAPD training; chemotherapy treatments; ambulance transport; allergy care; surgical instrument handling and sterilization; surgical suite preparation; surgical technician; medication administration.
Lawrence M.Roslinski, PhDToxicologistEnvironmental and occupational toxicology; chemical hazard assessments; regulatory requirements; health, safety, and ergonomic studies; personal training; industrial hygiene assessment; toxic substances; physiology and pharmacology; chemical epidemiology; genetic toxicology; carcinogenic risk assessment; metabolism studies.
Elliott HowardSaferin, MD, FACSMedical & Plastic SurgeonMedical surgery, including plastic cosmetic, reconstructive, and laser surgery.
Samuel M.Salamon, MD, FRCSC, FACSOphthalmology ExpertGeneral ophthalmology; cataract and corneal surgery; corneal scar, injury, and transplantation; diabetic retinopathy; glaucoma; eyelid disorders; ocular infection; review of medical records, verbal and written reports.
Malton A.Schexneider, PT, MMScPhysical TherapistPhysical therapy products and procedures; acute back and neck pain syndromes; orthopaedics; acupuncture; sports medicine; Cybex Isokinetics; sports physical therapy; podiatric physical therapy; craniofacial and vertebral therapeutics; exercise training; spinal stabilization; lumbar spine; lumbopelvic integration; functional orthopedics; cervical thoracic integration; soft tissue mobilization; strength and conditioning; knee injuries; whiplash injury biomechanics and traumatology; rotator cuff pathology; back braces; spinal bracing; tennis elbow; shin splints; IT band syndrome; suprascapular nerve entrapment; herniated discs; neural tension testing and treatment; pitching mechanics; therapeutic exercise.
Robert B.Shuman, MDPediatric Neurology/NeonatologyPediatric neurology/neonatology; fetal development; perinatal medicine; birth defects; birth trauma; child development, including schooling; neuropathology; neurotoxicology; neurophysiology; epilepsy; neuroimaging: MRI, CAT, EEF; pharmacology; anatomic pathology; surgical pathology; surgical case review; peripheral nerve disease; stroke; spondylolisthesis; vitamin therapy; Downs Syndrome; electromyography; whiplash injuries; traumatic brain injury; frontal-subcortical circulation; advanced evoke potentials; migraines; headaches; depressive disorders; Alzheimer’s Disease; epileptogenesis; epilepsy; cocaine effects; closed head injuries; AED Therapy; ADHD; developmental disabilities; autism; brain tumors; neurosciences; child abuse; seizures; anti-depressive therapy; prenatal diagnosis; seasonal affective disorder; bipolar disorder; childhood depression; Tourette Syndrome; neuralgia; vagus nerve stimulation; intractable seizures; psychopharmacolory; antipsychotic and psychotropic therapy; antiepileptic drugs.
Henry A.Spiller, MS, D.ABAT, D.ABFEToxicologistToxic tort; workers compensation; DUI, including drug and alcohol screening results; post-mortem drug and/or toxicology results; chemical and poison toxicology; false positive/negative urine drug screens; malpractice; occupational medicine; pharmacotherapy; addiction; inhalant abuse; mercury exposure; pediatric ingestions.
Wendy R.Steusloff, RN, ASN, LPN, ALNCNursing & Nursing Home ExpertNursing practices; patient care; standard-of-care procedures; quality and risk management policy and procedures; assisted living; evaluation and performance management; conflict resolution; patient assessments; long-term and short-term rehabilitation; medication administration; wound care; falls; pressure sores; abuse and neglect; medication errors; infections; intravenous infusions; life-sustaining measures; care planning; medical records review; nursing supervision; dementia; traumatic brain injuries; behavioral disturbances; short and long term care; tracheotomy care; catheters; peritoneal dialysis; ostomies; diabetic care; antipsychotic medications; aspiration pneumonia.
Ewen C.Todd, PhDFood Safety & Public Health ExpertFood safety, including processing, handling, transporting, storing, and serving; food poisoning; hand hygiene; outbreak investigation; food science; hazards analysis and critical control points; restaurants and foodservice; disease transmission; toxicology; risk assessments; US and Canadian food regulations; E.Coli, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, Botulism, Ciguatera, Yeast, and other agents.
Kevin L.Trangle, MD, MBA, FACOEM, FAADEP, BCIM, CIME, ABIME, CMROMedical/Occupational/ Environmental ExpertDr. Trangle has over 30 years experience in environmental and occupational medicine, including Independent Medical Exams (IME's); environmental and occupational medicine; review of medical records; clinical advice; return-to-work plans; treatment protocols; incidence response; ergonomics; industrial hygiene; regulatory compliance (including ADA); rehabilitation; toxicology; environmental sampling and testing of air, land, and water resources; ambulatory care; back injuries; CPR/First Aid; immunology; water quality and chlorination; fungal infections; organic and inorganic solvent exposure; styrene; asbestos; tertiary disease exposure; oncology; respiratory exposure; dermal exposures; and orthopedic.

Kevin's Professional Affiliations include The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine; The American College of Physician Executives; The American Medical Association; The Cleveland Academy of Medicine; The Ohio State Medical Association; The American Academy of Disability Evaluation Physicians; The American College of Preventive Medicine; and The American Society of Internal Medicine.
Ted A.Trower, CPO, FAAOPProsthetist & OrthotistOrthotic and prosthetic products and procedures; transtibial prosthetics; rehabilitation; flex-foot system; clinical practice procedures; ankle-foot orthoses; artificial limbs.
Sander I.White, DDSDentistry/Oral Surgery ExpertDentistry and oral surgery; review dental and medical records; prosthodontics; clinical instructor; restorative dentistry; dental implants.
Schield M.Wikas, DO, DF, FAOCDMedical DermatologyOsteopathic medicine; internal medicine; pharmacology; therapeutics; phlebology; dermal fillers; Botox injections; dermatology, including diseases, cancers, surgery, and injections; sclerotheraphy; hair transplantation/restoration; Staphylococcal Scaled-Skin Syndrome; Stevens-Johnson Syndrome; Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome; Hyperimmunoglobulin E. Syndrome; Scurvy; Epithelioid Angoisarcoma; Epithelioid Hemangioma; Scleromyxedema; Merkel Cell Carcinoma; cancer screening; venereal diseases; bacterial and fungal infections; cutaneous manifestations; hair and nail diseases; atopic dermatitis; cutaneous malignancy cancer; bullous diseases; Pyoderma Gangrenosum; acne/rosacea; psoriasis therapy.