Fires / Explosions

Our Fires and Explosions Group consist of Fire and Explosion Investigators supported by our Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Mining, and Material Engineers. These Certified Investigators and qualified Engineers have the credentials and experience to determine the origin and cause of structure, vehicle, and mine fires and explosions, including arson.

All investigations are conducted in accordance with the industry standard NFPA 921 (Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations). With or without a fire scene to examine, these experts analyze all available information to form origin and cause opinions and provide expert reports and testimony, as required.

In addition to fires and explosions, these seasoned experts also conduct investigations involving carbon monoxide poisoning and asphyxiation. Heating, cooling, cooking, ducting, and venting systems can be examined, analyzed and tested, including all controls and safety systems.

First NameLast NameTitleCV Abstract
John M.Agosti, CFEIFire & Explosion InvestigatorStructure fires; vehicle fires; fire deaths/injuries: evidence collection and spoliation; witness interviews; still and video photography; building and fire codes, including fire/building code violations; life safety code violations; smoke, fire, carbon dioxide detector and alarm issues; fire spread issues; fire sprinklers, walls, and doors.; fire exits and illumination; fire prevention analysis; fire department practices, including fire department operations/practices/management; firefighter deaths/injuries/safety; origin and make initial determination of cause including structures, vehicles, equipment, and marine; insurance claims and criminal cases involving theft, fires, fraud, and conspiracies to commit arson; electrocutions; investigation of bombings and incendiary fires; boiler and furnace fires/explosions; LP and natural gas fires/explosions; kitchen range fires; spontaneous combustions; electrical fires, including automobile, truck, boats, and equipment; fireplace, flue, and chimney fires; home appliance fires; industrial fires and explosions.
Timothy J.Dickson, PE, SECivil/Structural EngineerCivil/structural engineering; field investigations; laboratory studies; commercial and residential buildings and bridges constructed of reinforced concrete (conventional, pre-stressed and post-tensioned), structural steel, masonry and timber; foundation underpinning systems; earth retention systems using soil nail walls, segmental retaining walls and sheet piles; structural failures/collapses; water infiltration; roofing failures; building façade evaluations; work zone safety; windows, doors, floors, stairs, and ramps; fire, wind, ice, and snow damage; professional liability claims; preparation of construction documents; evaluation of field test-data; property loss; construction defects; natural gas explosion damage; building settlement; deteriorated concrete and masonry; building rehabilitation and renovation; high wind, tornado, and blizzard damage; precast concrete planks; structural steel frames; fatigue and static performance tests; jointless bridges; parking garage rehabilitation; bracing failure investigations.
Todd D.Feliks, PECivil EngineerLicensed Engineer in Michigan
Hospital, healthcare, and educational building design and construction, including flooring, painting, lighting and ceiling replacement; building standards and safety code compliance, including ADA, ANSI, NFPA, BOCA, IBC, and OSHA; Professional Liability issues and Standards of Practice; clean rooms and operating rooms; project contracts, including shop drawings, submittals, bid and project documents, and change orders.
William H.Glidden, PE, CFEI, PIMechanical EngineerCertified Fire and Explosion Investigator, Licensed Private Investigator
Licensed Engineer in Michigan, Ohio, Texas
Vehicle crash reconstruction; mechanical systems failures; structure, vehicle, equipment and marine fires and explosions, origin and cause; product failures and injuries, including vehicle, marine, firearms, and aircraft; personal watercraft incidents and injuries; aircraft crash investigations; building plumbing, electrical, fire and HVAC systems; fire safety compliance; air and water environmental regulatory compliance; defensive driving instruction; building preventative maintenance; hospital mechanical, electrical and fire facilities; construction supervision; equipment failure evaluation; turbine engine repair.
Ann G.Harris, CPGGeology/Mining ExpertGeological investigations; mine stability and stabilization; location and historical background of mines (Ohio and Pennsylvania); coal mining; mine reclamation; test drilling; groundwater investigations, including pollution; water supplies, including wells; hydrological impact statements, landfill placements; landslides; drainage investigations; subsidence problems; marine biology; asbestos identification.
Robert A.Hayes, CPGForensic GeologistForensic geology; BEA's (Baseline Environmental Assessments); environmental impact statements; environmental site assessments (Phase I and Phase II); floodplain/floodway impacts; groundwater contamination investigation and remediation; groundwater discharge permits; hazardous waste evaluations; hydrogeologic studies; lake dredging impact mitigation; lake level stabilization; landfill permitting and impacts; leaking underground storage tanks (LUST); peat mining permitting and mitigation; sand and gravel resource evaluation; superfund (CERCLA) site investigation and remediation; surface water discharge permits (NPDES); surface water impacts on groundwater; well water contamination; crime scene soil and water evidence correlations; subsurface explosions; mineral resource evaluations; earth failures; drainage evaluations; property valuations; sediment identification; chemicals-in-soil "age dating"; responsible-party assessments; cost-allocation assessments (present and future).
James R.Heyl, PESenior Electrical Engineer Licensed Engineer in Michigan
Industrial equipment; material handling systems; automation and robotic systems; power supplies; control systems; computer and PLC programming; quality control and safety; manufacturing operations; facilities construction and maintenance; electrical fires and explosions for equipment, structures, and vehicles; switchgear and substations; automated machinery; safety, predictive, and preventive maintenance programs; conveyor systems; safety interlocks; safety violations; instrumentation systems; AC/DC motors; code compliance; marina electrical systems; underground electrical distribution; welding systems; test cells; lighting systems including sport facilities and roadways.
James R.Hill, PESenior Mechanical Engineer Licensed Engineer in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Wisconsin
Building HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical, including design, installation damage, malfunction, and personal injury; code and safety compliance, including ADA; maintenance requirements and implementation; hot water and steam boilers; air/steam turbines, compressors, pumps, fans, and vacuum systems; refrigeration and freezer defects; bakery and food processing equipment and facilities; power and lighting systems; locker rooms and restrooms; ventilation and indoor air quality requirements.
Blaine J.Hoffmann, MS, OSHMSafety ExpertWorkplace safety, training, investigations, accident investigations and audits; legal aspects of safety and health; training and development programs; written program development; interpretation of OSHA general industry and construction industry, healthcare industry standards; VPP program management; MSHA training and regulatory interpretations; 40-hr HAZWOPER; Arc-Flash (NFPA 70E).
Robert C.Krause, MS, EMT-P, CFIEmergency Medical Services ExpertEmergency Medical Services (EMS); Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT); emergency vehicle driving operations; EMS chart and protocol reviews; EMS, EMT, and paramedic policies, procedures, and standards of care; emergency communications procedures; fire department operations, ambulance operations, fire department training procedures; fire suppression tactics; fire, rescue, and extrication operations; law enforcement policies and procedures; safety and security training; emergency medicine, including pediatric; medical records review; first responder training; OSHA compliance; water safety; telecommunications; respiratory and cardiac arrest; chemical agents, including WMD's; school violence and security; workplace violence.
Tracey T.LemmonPropane SpecialistPropane system components, installations, and servicing; propane system engineering and design; propane bulk plants.
Terry D.Lewis, PIVehicle Crash Reconstruction & Traffic Safety Expert; Private InvestigatorVehicle crashes (auto, truck, tractor-trailer, bus, motorcycle, train, boat, and bicycles); highway and traffic design, including pedestrian injury; driver perception and response; human factors and vision; vehicle black box analysis; seat belts and air bags; biomechanics of occupants; skip tracing-missing persons; and serving legal documents.
Stephen K.Li, RASenior Forensic Architect Building design and planning; codes and standards; security systems; ADA compliance; zoning board regulations; grading and drainage; building failures; warnings; shelving and racks; fall protection; glazing, roofing, walls, windows, foundations, floor treatments, sidewalks; slips, trips and falls on walkways, ramps, stairs, docks, kitchens, and parking lots; illumination issues; design and construction of stairs, railings, ramps, ladders, and scaffolding; architectural professional liability issues and standards of practice; property damage investigations, including wind, water, and hail damage; cost estimating; surveying issues; building mechanical and electrical systems, including refrigeration; injury claim investigations; supervise field construction activities; parking lot safety guidelines.
Margo L.LoganChild/Daycare & Developmentally Disabled Adults ExpertChild care; daycare center administration, management, and practices, including standard-of-care; Child Protective Services (CPS) Litigation Consultant; trainer on child care government regulations; early childhood, elementary, and high school special needs programs; licensed child care investigator; foster care; developmentally disabled adults; family home child care; state child care management systems; Department of Early Learning (DEL) training; Independent Living Programs; drug and alcohol issues.
Daniel L.Maloy, CPAForensic AccountantAccounting and tax services including preparation of compiled and reviewed financial statements; controllership services; individual and small business tax returns; budgeting and forecasting; business valuations for business sales, buy-out agreements and divorces; present value calculation of future pension benefits in divorce cases; country club, school districts, and other non-profit accounting and tax matters; management consultation regarding company accounting and operations.
David M.Manuta, PhD, FAICSenior Environmental/ Occupational ExpertFundamental chemical principles; electrochemistry, thermodynamics; handling safety of gases, chemicals, and oxidizers; industrial and manufacturing operations safety; fire and explosion investigations (including arson); hazardous material and radiation exposure; clandestine manufacturing of illegal drugs; cleaning and disinfecting products and equipment; worker chemical sensitivity assessments; dust and fumes exposure; fireworks incidents; spontaneous combustion; skin care products; infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography testing; refrigerant hazards.
Timothy R.McGreal, PEMechanical EngineerMr. McGreal has almost 20 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer, with over 25 years experience as an Automotive Mechanic. His expertise includes consumer products; automobile/trucks/other vehicles; fuel-fired appliances; explosions; fire suppression systems; fire alarm systems; plumbing systems; gas supply systems; code compliance; moisture intrusion; roof damage assessments; HVAC equipment; construction, agricultural, commercial, and industrial equipment and machinery; computational fluid dynamics (CFD); power tools; medical equipment; product design and packaging; human factors and warnings; and patent infringement.

Tim is a Registered Professional Engineer and has been awarded two patents. His Professional Affiliations include The Society of Fire Protection Engineers; The National Fire Protection Association; and The Society of Automotive Engineers.
RobPainter, ASE, CFEI, CVFI, CFATESenior Forensic Vehicle AnalystVehicle transponders, ignition locks, steering columns, and anti-theft systems; vehicle fraud; production and testing of keys and locks; air bags; fire and explosion origin and cause; vehicle collision repair; auto and medium/heavy duty trucks; vehicle brakes, steering, suspension, engines, drive train, axles, air conditioning, and electrical/electronic components; auto dealership management.
C. ShawnSaunders, PESenior Mechanical EngineerLicensed Engineer in New York and Pennsylvania
Vehicle crash reconstructions for autos, trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and snowmobiles; vehicle fires and explosions; highway and traffic design related crashes; seat belt usage and failures; black box data; hydraulic and pneumatic systems; mechanical/electrical systems; MSDS's analyses; machine design; automotive A/C compressors; incidents related to loading, packaging, storing, and handling of products.
Rick A.Smith, PESenior Mechanical EngineerLicensed Engineer in Ohio
Industrial power plants and processes; thermal and combustion systems including boilers, furnaces, and ovens; CFC management; HVAC systems; air pollution control; process and power piping and equipment; cathodic protection; pump failure analysis; heat and fluid transfer processes, including energy conservation.
JackSpadaroMining ExpertMines and mine equipment; geotechnical engineering; drilling operations; day-to-day mine operations; blasting; noise and dust control; surface haulage safety; electrical hazards; inspection methods; roof control; training for metal, nonmetal and coal mine inspectors; unsafe dump and fill sites; vehicle maintenance; health, mine and safety hazard abatement; landslide stabilization; subsidence control; mine fires; coal refuse fires, underground mine subsidences; valley fill construction, coal waste disposal; mining reclamation; coal waste embankments; excess mine spoil fills; dam construction; surface mine drainage systems; slope stabilization; mine sediment control structures; hydrology pertaining to earth and coal-related structures; underground coal mine design and surveying; roof control and ventilation plans; underground and surface mining inspections.
Harold 'Lynn'Stringer, BSMEVehicle Engineering ExpertMotor vehicle design, manufacturing, testing, and servicing including: passenger cars, trucks, buses, trailers, and private/commercial vehicle carriers; engines; fuel systems; electrical systems; lubrication systems; cooling systems; exhaust systems; drive trains; brakes; suspension; steering; wheels/tires; rear drive axles; A/C systems; vehicle crash safety structures; laboratory testing procedures.
Michael R.Tillotson, CIH, CHMMIndustrial HygienistEnvironmental/ occupational health; occupational safety; industrial hygiene; radiation safety and health; hazardous waste management; hazardous waste sites; emergency response; pesticides/ pesticides management; asbestos; lead; noise and hazardous materials/ waste management.
Bruce E.VanDorpe, CFI, CFEIFire & Explosion InvestigatorOrigin and cause of fires; fraud fires; arson and conspiracies to commit arson; fire science technology; safety engineering; electric and gas appliance fires; auto theft fires; bomb scene investigations; clandestine drug labs; criminal/terrorist incidents; interviews and interrogations; bomb disposal.
Michael T.Williams, PECivil/Environmental EngineerLicensed Engineer in Michigan, Indiana, New Mexico

Civil/sanitary design including water distribution, sanitary and storm water sewer systems, pump stations, and wastewater treatment plants; administration, inspection and testing for construction of storm sewers, wastewater collection and treatment facilities, activated sludge systems, aerated lagoons, oxidation ditches, sequencing batch reactors, and secondary/tertiary treatment systems; inspector/technician training; site surveying and safety plans; project certifications; failures and malfunctions including foundations, retaining walls, roofs, structural failures, appliances, furnaces, swimming pools, spas, saunas, plumbing systems, hydraulic systems, fire suppression systems, environmental releases, and environmental remediation systems; hydrogeological investigations, aquifer tests, design and permitting.