Premises Liability

Our Premises Liability Group includes Architects, Fire/Explosion Investigators, and Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Agricultural and Electrical Engineers, with support from Materials, Visibility, Human Factors, Meteorological, Environmental, Recreational/ Amusement, and Police/Criminal Experts.

These experts offer comprehensive investigations involving the design, construction, operation and maintenance of residential, commercial, institutional, government, industrial, and manufacturing facilities. Our experts also provide guidance with respect to “Open and Obvious” conditions and “Intentional Tort,” and the application of these legal doctrines to specific incidents. Common cases include: slips, trips, and falls; water intrusion; manual and automatic doors; shelving, displays, and falling materials; A & E professional liability; fires and explosions; warning signs; occupational and environmental hazards; recreational and amusement facilities liability; adequate illumination; ADA compliance; electrical defects; building equipment defects and damage; elevators and escalators; stairs, platforms, decks, and docks; security procedures; work zone safety.

First NameLast NameTitleCV Abstract
PaulAlbanese, ASGCAGolf Course Design Management ExpertGolf course design, construction, management, operations, and maintenance; resort master plans; clubhouse planning; residential planning; public park planning; practice facilities; ski mountainside design; maintenance crew management; mowing operations; permitting and financing; turfgrass science; landscape architecture; golf course grading and draining; brownfield design.
David A.Bade, PECivil EngineerLicensed Engineer in Michigan
Construction practice; commercial, retail and industrial building design and construction; hoist, rigging, crane design, operations, and supervision; building, highway and heavy civil construction; job site safety; supervision of construction trade labor; bridges; excavations and deep shaft construction; form work, bracing, rigging and shoring systems; road widening; intersection improvements; water and sewage treatment facilities; underground utility, pipeline, mass excavation and open-cut trenching; wetlands and flood plains investigations; shallow and deep foundation systems; building and land development; tunnels, caissons, cofferdams; earth embankments, dams, retaining walls, earth fill, landfills; structural concrete; water intrusion; environmental assessments; traffic assessments; tower design; road messaging systems; construction estimates; asphalt and concrete paving; concrete parking structures.
Daniel E.BarkerMechanical & Industrial ExpertMechanical system malfunctions and defects; product failures; industrial equipment electrical and mechanical safety incidents, including OSHA and UL listing requirements; assembly of aircraft flight instruments; design and testing of high volume production automotive engine components; water and air treatment systems; home appliance design, including refrigerators and vacuums.
James E.Barnhart, PECivil Engineer & Bridge ExpertLicensed Engineer in Ohio, West Virginia
Construction practice including bridge and highway design, construction, repair, maintenance, inspection, and demolition; concrete technology including production, preparation, installation, finishing, testing, maintenance, and repairs; bridge technology instructor; insurance investigator.
Douglas B.Baumgarten, CHFD, CMES, CPESExercise & Fitness ExpertRecreational facility design, operation, and maintenance; exercise equipment; codes and standards; sports risk management; incident reconstruction; warnings liability; supervision liability; standard of care liability; personal coaching/training; fitness testing; instructor training.
MikeBaumgartnerTent ExpertTent layout, installation, repair, maintenance, inspection, and tear-down; tent technology trainer including usage during adverse weather conditions; tent operations for sizes ranging up to approximately 10,000 square feet.
SteveBernheim, BCFE, ACFE, CPCMSports & Recreation Expert Recreational facilities liability; equipment evaluation and testing; code and standards assessments; sports risk management; incident reconstruction; playground surface resiliency testing; warnings liability; supervision liability; standard-of-care liability; amusement park ride safety; go-cart safety; snowsports (snowmobiling, skiing, skating, sledding).
Dr. TheronBlickenstaff, MD, FACOEMMedical, Occupational, and Environmental ExpertWorkers Compensation; Social Security Disabilities; toxic tort; product liability; indoor air quality; mold; workplace exposures; lung diseases; cleaning chemicals inhalation/ingestion; a plastic anemia; epidemiology; exposure limits; carcinogens; reproductive hazards; Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS); risk assessments; chemical sensitivities; idiopathic environmental intolerance; fitness-for-work examinations; communicable diseases; general preventative, environmental, and occupational medicine.
Gregory L.Boso, PECivil EngineerPotable water, wastewater, and storm water; culverts; landslides; foundations; hydrologic and hydraulic analyses; flood plain management; water collection, pumping, treatment, distribution, and storage; residential, commercial, and industrial site development; blasting; transportation engineering; building construction; building code administration and enforcement; building inspections; trusses and sheathing; fences; hazardous materials; construction project resident engineering; fire fighting and training; emergency vehicle operation.
Arthur M.Brate, PEAgricultural EngineerWater drainage; hydrology; site development; environmental planning; flood control; dams; channels; levees; surface and subsurface water flows; agricultural and urban drainage problems; field topographic surveys; erosion control structures; construction inspection; land improvement; soil and water conservation; soil bio-engineering; damaged streams; hypoxia; grassed waterways; automated control structures.
Larry C.Brown, PhDAgricultural EngineerAgriculture and farms including equipment, materials, and operations; food and biological engineering; hydraulics, including land drainage, irrigation and erosion; soil and water management; land use assessment; wetlands; water quality; environmental surveys.
JackButcherArboristTree felling safety procedures, timber trespass, tree valuations, landscape restoration plans and cost, comprehensive land use planning, pest and disease control, stump removal, hazard tree identification, landscape design, installation, and maintenance.
Cheryl AnnCarlsonDog ExpertDog behavior, standard-of-care, and temperament; attacks and bites; police K-9, including drugs and explosives detection training; breeding, training, and boarding; protection and security; certification and judging; emergency medical services.
Steven R.Copeland, RASenior ArchitectArchitecture and facilities including design, construction and maintenance; buildings including floors, roofs, walls, windows, stairs, railings and ramps; parking lots; sidewalks; docks and platforms; ladders and scaffolding; ANSI and OSHA design and construction deficiencies; ADA compliance; professional liability (EandO); slips, trips and falls; gates and entrances; zoning regulations and variances; damage investigations including fire, water, and hail; kitchens, restaurants and food courts; retail facilities, including malls; cemeteries.
Timothy J.Dickson, PE, SECivil/Structural EngineerCivil/structural engineering; field investigations; laboratory studies; commercial and residential buildings and bridges constructed of reinforced concrete (conventional, pre-stressed and post-tensioned), structural steel, masonry and timber; foundation underpinning systems; earth retention systems using soil nail walls, segmental retaining walls and sheet piles; structural failures/collapses; water infiltration; roofing failures; building façade evaluations; work zone safety; windows, doors, floors, stairs, and ramps; fire, wind, ice, and snow damage; professional liability claims; preparation of construction documents; evaluation of field test-data; property loss; construction defects; natural gas explosion damage; building settlement; deteriorated concrete and masonry; building rehabilitation and renovation; high wind, tornado, and blizzard damage; precast concrete planks; structural steel frames; fatigue and static performance tests; jointless bridges; parking garage rehabilitation; bracing failure investigations.
Todd D.Feliks, PECivil EngineerLicensed Engineer in Michigan
Hospital, healthcare, and educational building design and construction, including flooring, painting, lighting and ceiling replacement; building standards and safety code compliance, including ADA, ANSI, NFPA, BOCA, IBC, and OSHA; Professional Liability issues and Standards of Practice; clean rooms and operating rooms; project contracts, including shop drawings, submittals, bid and project documents, and change orders.
Jon L.FilliezElevator & Escalator ExpertElevator and escalator maintenance, service and repair; elevator and escalator damage and malfunction evaluations; long range elevator modernization projects.
LarryFischer, RA, AIA, NCARBArchitectAll stages of planning, design, and construction supervision for healthcare, educational, corporate, commercial, industrial, and residential buildings; zoning compliance; ANSI and Life Safety Code compliance; ADA compliance; architectural professional liability issues and standards of practice; clean and vibration-free rooms; personal injury and property damage investigations.
Richard A.GregoryElevator/ Escalator ExpertLitigation (plaintiff and defense) involving damage, malfunction, or personal injury/death involving elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, and similar equipment; ANSI/ASME A17 Code interpretation and compliance; elevator/escalator maintenance programs; inspections and condition assessments; control systems and controllers; construction and modernization; contract negotiations.
Paul H.Gross, CCMMeteorologistWeather-related evaluations for vehicular accident reconstruction (including marine, aviation, and off-road); special events planning; construction delays; slip-and-fall incidents, including black ice formation; lightning strikes; property damage; time-of-death investigations; fire investigations.
John H.HanstSports & Recreation ExpertAquatic facilities; swimming pools and spas; underwater inspections; snorkeling and scuba diving; ski facilities and ski equipment inspection and testing; playgrounds and amusement rides; bicycle design, manufacture, and operation; warnings; sports competition, officiating, and promoting; zoo facilities; golf courses; ice and roller skating, including hockey; mountain climbing equipment and activities; tennis; hang gliders; water skiing; baseball and softball; motorcycles; go-carts; snowmobiles; sledding; sports ergonomics.
Ann G.Harris, CPGGeology/Mining ExpertGeological investigations; mine stability and stabilization; location and historical background of mines (Ohio and Pennsylvania); coal mining; mine reclamation; test drilling; groundwater investigations, including pollution; water supplies, including wells; hydrological impact statements, landfill placements; landslides; drainage investigations; subsidence problems; marine biology; asbestos identification.
Robert A.Hayes, CPGForensic GeologistForensic geology; BEA's (Baseline Environmental Assessments); environmental impact statements; environmental site assessments (Phase I and Phase II); floodplain/floodway impacts; groundwater contamination investigation and remediation; groundwater discharge permits; hazardous waste evaluations; hydrogeologic studies; lake dredging impact mitigation; lake level stabilization; landfill permitting and impacts; leaking underground storage tanks (LUST); peat mining permitting and mitigation; sand and gravel resource evaluation; superfund (CERCLA) site investigation and remediation; surface water discharge permits (NPDES); surface water impacts on groundwater; well water contamination; crime scene soil and water evidence correlations; subsurface explosions; mineral resource evaluations; earth failures; drainage evaluations; property valuations; sediment identification; chemicals-in-soil "age dating"; responsible-party assessments; cost-allocation assessments (present and future).
Michael W.Hayslip, ESQ., PE, CSPSenior Civil EngineerLicensed Engineer in Ohio
Construction issues, including safety and health-training; developing, maintaining, and enforcing safety policies and programs; OSHA compliance; hazardous material transportation; field safety inspections; Workers Compensation claim management; corporate safety issues; carpenter; surveyor.
Vanessa R.Heckman, RN, MSN, CNP, CLNCNursing Expert Medical malpractice cases; independent medical examinations and histories; summarize, translate, and interpret medical records; identify causation issues; assess damages/injuries; analyze research studies; identify need for Life Care Planner; family practice, urgent care, and retail medicine; neonatal intensive care; medical-surgical; home health; pediatrics; office nursing; assess, diagnose, and treat acute illnesses; patient and family education; suturing, eye examinations, and foreign body removal, splinting, and reading X-rays; pelvic exams and newborn assessment; lab result and X-ray reviews.
RichardHermance, FE, ACEVehicle Crash Reconstruction & Snowmobile ExpertVehicle crashes; snowmobile operations and functions, including safety; operator performance evaluations; speed determinations; skid/scrape analysis; deformation/penetration analysis; vehicle and component research and testing; seat belts, including child restraints; pedestrian and bicycle incidents; crash computer simulations; trail design and safety, including signage; human factors, including daytime/nighttime visibility and reaction times; occupant trajectory; motorcycles, ATVs, racing cars, and watercraft; buses, motor homes, and trailers, including campers; dynamic traction analysis; injury and crash biomechanics; Crash Data Recorder (CDC) analysis; acceleration and braking tests; farm equipment.
Thomas J.HernAutomotive ConsultantAutomotive dealership sales, service, and operations; automotive dealership evaluations; relationships between dealers and manufacturers; dealership and vehicle valuations; dealership training; technology consulting; accounting systems; cost segregation studies; benchmark reviews.
Martin T.Hetherington, PhDAquatic BiologistAquatics; biology; ecology; forestry; environmental physiology, including conservation and control policies; environmental education; ecological studies; energy education.
James R.Heyl, PESenior Electrical Engineer Licensed Engineer in Michigan
Industrial equipment; material handling systems; automation and robotic systems; power supplies; control systems; computer and PLC programming; quality control and safety; manufacturing operations; facilities construction and maintenance; electrical fires and explosions for equipment, structures, and vehicles; switchgear and substations; automated machinery; safety, predictive, and preventive maintenance programs; conveyor systems; safety interlocks; safety violations; instrumentation systems; AC/DC motors; code compliance; marina electrical systems; underground electrical distribution; welding systems; test cells; lighting systems including sport facilities and roadways.
James R.Hill, PESenior Mechanical Engineer Licensed Engineer in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Wisconsin
Building HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical, including design, installation damage, malfunction, and personal injury; code and safety compliance, including ADA; maintenance requirements and implementation; hot water and steam boilers; air/steam turbines, compressors, pumps, fans, and vacuum systems; refrigeration and freezer defects; bakery and food processing equipment and facilities; power and lighting systems; locker rooms and restrooms; ventilation and indoor air quality requirements.
Richard E.Hitz, MLAArboriculturistComprehensive land use planning; site design; landscape analysis and design; tree and landscape protection planning; tree and landscape damage and valuation assessments; timber trespass; landscape restorations and cost.
Norman B.HochfeldSenior Electrical ExpertPlant engineering; industrial equipment design, installation and maintenance; controls and instrumentation; PLC and CNC logic; electrical distribution systems; facility security systems; fire protection systems; life safety automation systems; communication systems; motors and controllers; power monitors; material handling and processing equipment; computer and data processing systems; lightning and cathodic protection; pneumatic and electronic controllers; HVAC including chillers, boilers, and air handlers; dust and fume collection systems; elevators; lockout/tag-out procedures; personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements; wiring and labeling classifications; robotic systems; fiber optics; consumer electronic equipment repairs.
Blaine J.Hoffmann, MS, OSHMSafety ExpertWorkplace safety, training, investigations, accident investigations and audits; legal aspects of safety and health; training and development programs; written program development; interpretation of OSHA general industry and construction industry, healthcare industry standards; VPP program management; MSHA training and regulatory interpretations; 40-hr HAZWOPER; Arc-Flash (NFPA 70E).
Steven C.HowardPolice, Security, Weapons, and Ballistics ExpertPolice operations/conduct; security procedures; building, personal, personnel, and yacht security; self-defense claims; self-defense tactics; criminal evidence and procedures; DNA evidence; wildlife regulations and management; crime scene preservation; searches of homes, vehicles, and persons; drug enforcement operations; international border operations; electronic surveillance; questioning and interrogations; high speed pursuit driving; firearms training; detention center booking, fingerprinting, photographing, and in-processing procedures; arrest reports; illegal weapons; shotgun patterning; firearm and ammunition malfunctions; setting trigger pulls; defects in warnings and design; tool-mark identifications; internal, external, terminal ballistics; shooting reconstruction; gunshot residue and cross-contamination; stab and cut investigations; accidental discharge; ejections analysis; penetration testing; serial number restoration; weapon tampering; bomb and incendiary devices; weapons safety; forced entry tools; armor; armored cars and homes; weapons repair; ammunition reloading; tranquilizer guns; industrial manufacturing tools and equipment; hand tools; close circuit cameras; motion detectors; metal detectors; security doors; lock manipulation; alarm systems; asset verification; missing persons; document fraud; landlord-tenant law; family law and child custody; immigration and naturalization law; deportation hearings; social security law; disability claims.
Daniel B.Kennedy, PhD, CPP, CSPSecurity & Safety ExpertPremises security and safety including planning, implementation and evaluation; crime forseeability; standards of care; causation issues; use of force; police pursuits; custodial suicides; failure to protect; health care services; confinement conditions; surveillance security systems; profiling and threat assessment; workplace violence; security training management and administration; police administration; investigation methodology; comparative security; victimology; inmate counseling; rape and sexual violence; spousal abuse; residence and lodging security; mall and parking lot safety and security; loss prevention; shoplifting; crime scene profiling; victimized tourists; insanity judgments; correctional reform; cocaine-related violence; crowd and riot control; school violence; negligent hiring; police liability.
Edward A.Kidston, WSLWell/Water Systems ExpertWells and water systems, including all phases from initial design through final approval, and preventative maintenance; aerators; gravity filters; pressure filters; ion exchange softeners; chemical feed pumps; membrane filtration; telemetry; and controls.
Dennis MichaelKing, FAIA, FESD, LEED, APArchitectConstruction property damage, defects, and personal injury; architecture construction claims; premises/professional liabilities; construction operations; construction marketing; project management; claims arbitration; dispute settlement; LEED Green Buildings; energy and environmental design.
John P.Lauhoff, PE, CSPSafety EngineerLicensed Engineer in Massachusetts
Injuries, damage, malfunctions, and personnel issues related to machinery and equipment design, fabrication, maintenance, operations, procedures, training, and safety procedures; accident investigation/reconstruction; slips, trips, and falls; industrial vehicles; machinery/equipment guarding; hand/power tools; work-related injuries; safety grievances; safety training programs; monitor outside contractors.
Thomas J.Lekan, CPP.Product and Premises Security ExpertSecurity systems design and evaluation; crime foreseeability; standards of care; causation issues; executive protection; assault; security guard operations; sexual harassment; negligent deaths; corporate fraud; security vulnerability and countermeasures; due diligence investigations; food and product tampering; product infringement/counterfeiting; security training; security management; economic crime; and police excessive force claims; educational institutions (elementary, high school, and colleges), restaurants, hospitals, lodging facilities, banks, residential communities, commercial and retail establishments, industrial facilities and manufacturing plants.
David E.Leonard, CATree & Landscaping Expert/ArboristTrees and landscaping; tree felling safety procedures; tree valuations; landscape restoration plans and cost; comprehensive land use planning; tree excavations; soil modifications and remediation; tree preservation; root collar excavation.
Stephen K.Li, RASenior Forensic Architect Building design and planning; codes and standards; security systems; ADA compliance; zoning board regulations; grading and drainage; building failures; warnings; shelving and racks; fall protection; glazing, roofing, walls, windows, foundations, floor treatments, sidewalks; slips, trips and falls on walkways, ramps, stairs, docks, kitchens, and parking lots; illumination issues; design and construction of stairs, railings, ramps, ladders, and scaffolding; architectural professional liability issues and standards of practice; property damage investigations, including wind, water, and hail damage; cost estimating; surveying issues; building mechanical and electrical systems, including refrigeration; injury claim investigations; supervise field construction activities; parking lot safety guidelines.
Daniel C.Maser, CIH, CSP, ROHSenior Environmental/ Occupational ExpertEnvironmental and occupational assessments; industrial hygiene; health and safety regulations compliance; regulatory inspections; emergency incident response procedures; chemical safety programs (MSDS's); hazardous waste regulations; mold assessments and remediation; indoor air studies; employee training procedures; fire protection; fitness testing; salt mining operations; confined space procedures; lead abatement programs; industrial ventilation; stack emission studies.
Lawrence S.Mayer, MD, MS, PhDMedical & Epidemiology ExpertEpidemiology and Biostatistics; statistical data analysis; study and model review; valuation of epidemiological studies and clinical trials; meta-analysis; evaluation of causal content of epidemiological studies; drug and medical development and regulation; product liability; occupational and environmental exposures; medical malpractice; toxicology; cardiology; OB/GYN; surgery; psychiatry/neuropsychiatry; internal medicine; disease prognosis; biomedical informatics; multiple regression; time series modeling; stochastic processes; multivariate analysis; statistical inference; public policy; energy analysis.
Timothy R.McGreal, PEMechanical EngineerMr. McGreal has almost 20 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer, with over 25 years experience as an Automotive Mechanic. His expertise includes consumer products; automobile/trucks/other vehicles; fuel-fired appliances; explosions; fire suppression systems; fire alarm systems; plumbing systems; gas supply systems; code compliance; moisture intrusion; roof damage assessments; HVAC equipment; construction, agricultural, commercial, and industrial equipment and machinery; computational fluid dynamics (CFD); power tools; medical equipment; product design and packaging; human factors and warnings; and patent infringement.

Tim is a Registered Professional Engineer and has been awarded two patents. His Professional Affiliations include The Society of Fire Protection Engineers; The National Fire Protection Association; and The Society of Automotive Engineers.
John E.Moylan, CPGForensic GeologistEngineering geology; hydrogeology; contaminant migration; Karst formations; rock, soil, groundwater, surface water, and wetland assessments and remedial procedures.
Joseph P.Mulville, PESenior Civil EngineerLicensed Engineer in Michigan Construction practice; commercial, retail and industrial building design and construction; hoists, rigging, cranes, design, operations, and supervision; building, highway and heavy civil construction; job site safety; supervision of construction trade labor; bridges; foundations, braced excavations and intersection improvements; water and wastewater treatment facilities; underground utility, pipeline, mass excavation and open-cut trenching; aircraft hanger construction; municipal utilities and infrastructure; geotechnical investigations; shallow and deep foundation systems; land development; tunnels, caissons, cofferdams; earth embankments, dams, retaining walls, earth fill landfills; structural concrete; piers/pilings; water intrusion.
Susan K.Murry, MSN, CRPNNursing ExpertPatient care; nursing practices; medical facility "standard-of-care" procedures; OSHA compliance; school health; family care including pediatrics, gynecology and gerontology; occupational injury assessment and treatment; child abuse and neglect screening; communicable diseases including STD's; community health education; pharmacology; pathophysiology.
Dr. Joseph S.Ohr, Jr, MD, RPhMedical Surgeon, Pharmacist, and PathologistMedical surgery; pharmacology; anatomical, clinical, and trauma pathology; wounds; sudden infant death syndrome; cancers and tumors; therapeutics; tissue mortality; psychopharmacology; drugs and drug abuse; HIV; viruses and bioterrorism; CPR; funeral home operations/procedures, including embalming.
EthanParker, PECivil EngineerLicensed Engineer in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia
Vehicle crash reconstruction, including automobiles, trucks, buses, trailers, motorcycles, water craft, and trains; analysis of mechanical and structural failures, including foundation, wall and roof collapses; vehicle defects and failures, including hydraulic/air brakes, steering and suspension, drive trains, and tires; mold remediation in homes, schools, and commercial buildings; vehicle fires and explosions, including arson; product defects, including mechanical and electrical failures; water infiltration, hail, and wind damage; roadway incidents, including road design and visibility analysis; design analysis; building code compliance; fire investigations; steel structures; glazing and roofing systems; conveyance systems; crane runways; traffic flow and accident patterns; signage and traffic signals.
Thomas A.Parker, PhDEntomologistEntomology, including pest control, wood-destroying organisms, pesticides, and bedbug infestations; termite control; lawn spraying; commercial sanitation; fumigation; smoke odor; fungi and mold; vegetation control; aerial spraying; mosquito and malaria spraying; infectious disease control; water quality monitoring; disease surveys; field and forage crops; control of spiders; insecticide formulations; ultra-violet radiation; mosquito ecology.
Thomas R.Piazza, CCMCertified MeteorologistMeteorological incidents and weather-related evaluations for: vehicular accident reconstruction (including marine, aviation, and off-road), special events planning, construction delays, slip and fall incidents, lightning strikes, property damage, fire investigations; cyclogenesis; ozone studies; Doppler Radar; weather code displays; computer generated surface maps; road pavement temperatures; renewable energy.
Richard W.RauSenior Mechanical ExpertOSHA inspector for cranes and hoists; automotive assembly plant equipment; material handling equipment; safety training and ergonomic requirements; handling, training, showing, and judging of horses, including thoroughbred racehorses; horse competitions; judges license (6 breeds).
Rollie L.Robert, PESenior Electrical EngineerLicensed Engineer in Michigan, Massachusetts, Provinces of Ontario, Quebec U.S. and Canadian Codes and Standards; building construction; electrical equipment design, defects and damage; electrical interlocks and safeguarding; underground pipes and tanks; building electrical costs; facilities/equipment electrical design and construction; risk assessments; code compliance; electrical power and controls; electrical design safety; field safety procedures; electrical maintenance requirements; fire and security systems; electrical distribution systems; lighting systems; electric generation facilities; power security; communication systems.
Sheila M.Roof, BSN, RN, CNML, LNCNursing ExpertPatient care; nursing practice; standard-of-care procedures; acute care; STEPPS care; dialysis and renal care; Medicare and Medicaid coverage; emergency department care; cardiac arrest; STEMI care; stroke care; arterial venous fistula care; certification of dialysis technicians; dermatology practice; regulatory compliance; medical records validation; allergy, dermatology, neurology, nephrology, pediatrics, oncology, endocrinology, and plastic surgery care; medical surgical care; CAPD training; chemotherapy treatments; ambulance transport; allergy care; surgical instrument handling and sterilization; surgical suite preparation; surgical technician; medication administration.
Barry S.RopePackaging/ Material Handling ExpertPackaging and material handling, including products, equipment, procedures and operations; trailer/container/rail car/ocean freight loading, blocking and bracing; transportation and distribution; palletizing, storage and warehousing; product packaging and labeling; packaging materials; technical documentation; HAZMAT regulations; standards compliance; environmental issues; hot melt adhesives; shock and vibration.
Lawrence M.Roslinski, PhDToxicologistEnvironmental and occupational toxicology; chemical hazard assessments; regulatory requirements; health, safety, and ergonomic studies; personal training; industrial hygiene assessment; toxic substances; physiology and pharmacology; chemical epidemiology; genetic toxicology; carcinogenic risk assessment; metabolism studies.
Donald E.Sanders, DVM, Dip ACT, PASVeterinarian ExpertAnimal reproduction; animal welfare; animal biotechnology; animal embryo transfer; livestock water supply; bovine mastitis; animal production; milk production; artificial insemination; farm management; animal parasitism; euthanasia; malpractice; animal environment; dairy management; animal nutrition; animal diseases; stray voltage; toxicology.
Thomas H.Sawyer, Ed.D., NAS, AAHPERDRecreation, Exercise, and Sport Safety ExpertSports, exercise, recreation, physical education, amusement, and fitness activities and equipment; facilities operation; sport finance; sport governance; sport law; sport management; sport marketing; sport sociology; facility design including skate parks, aquatics parks, swimming pools, hot tubs/saunas/steam rooms, campus recreational sport facilities, parks/recreational areas, and golf courses; coaching and training.
BertSchiller, PE, CIH, ROHEnvironmental/ Occupational EngineerLicensed Engineer in California
Industrial health and safety; environmental site and health investigations; industrial hygiene evaluations; ordinance and regulatory compliance; facility audits; ergonomics; noise; toxicology; personal protective equipment; exposure assessments; mercury exposure.
JohnSchmidtDram Shop & Safety ExpertAlcohol sales, service, policies, procedures; liquor law compliance and safety; underage drinking; intoxicated patrons at and upon leaving bars, restaurants, night clubs, bowling alleys, sports facilities, and special events; undercover, financial, criminal, and regulatory investigations.
JimScottRailroad Operations, Equipment, and Safety ExpertRailroad operations and equipment; safety training; train performance; commodities transportation; locomotive engineer; brakeman/foreman/conductor; air brakes; event recorders; locomotive engineer training; loading and unloading; end of train devices; derailment investigations; train emergencies; train simulators.
Robert B.Shuman, MDPediatric Neurology/NeonatologyPediatric neurology/neonatology; fetal development; perinatal medicine; birth defects; birth trauma; child development, including schooling; neuropathology; neurotoxicology; neurophysiology; epilepsy; neuroimaging: MRI, CAT, EEF; pharmacology; anatomic pathology; surgical pathology; surgical case review; peripheral nerve disease; stroke; spondylolisthesis; vitamin therapy; Downs Syndrome; electromyography; whiplash injuries; traumatic brain injury; frontal-subcortical circulation; advanced evoke potentials; migraines; headaches; depressive disorders; Alzheimer’s Disease; epileptogenesis; epilepsy; cocaine effects; closed head injuries; AED Therapy; ADHD; developmental disabilities; autism; brain tumors; neurosciences; child abuse; seizures; anti-depressive therapy; prenatal diagnosis; seasonal affective disorder; bipolar disorder; childhood depression; Tourette Syndrome; neuralgia; vagus nerve stimulation; intractable seizures; psychopharmacolory; antipsychotic and psychotropic therapy; antiepileptic drugs.
Rick A.Smith, PESenior Mechanical EngineerLicensed Engineer in Ohio
Industrial power plants and processes; thermal and combustion systems including boilers, furnaces, and ovens; CFC management; HVAC systems; air pollution control; process and power piping and equipment; cathodic protection; pump failure analysis; heat and fluid transfer processes, including energy conservation.
JackSpadaroMining ExpertMines and mine equipment; geotechnical engineering; drilling operations; day-to-day mine operations; blasting; noise and dust control; surface haulage safety; electrical hazards; inspection methods; roof control; training for metal, nonmetal and coal mine inspectors; unsafe dump and fill sites; vehicle maintenance; health, mine and safety hazard abatement; landslide stabilization; subsidence control; mine fires; coal refuse fires, underground mine subsidences; valley fill construction, coal waste disposal; mining reclamation; coal waste embankments; excess mine spoil fills; dam construction; surface mine drainage systems; slope stabilization; mine sediment control structures; hydrology pertaining to earth and coal-related structures; underground coal mine design and surveying; roof control and ventilation plans; underground and surface mining inspections.
Henry A.Spiller, MS, D.ABAT, D.ABFEToxicologistToxic tort; workers compensation; DUI, including drug and alcohol screening results; post-mortem drug and/or toxicology results; chemical and poison toxicology; false positive/negative urine drug screens; malpractice; occupational medicine; pharmacotherapy; addiction; inhalant abuse; mercury exposure; pediatric ingestions.
Herbert J.Stern, MD, FACC, FSCAICardiologistCardiac, cardiothoracic, and cardiovascular surgery; chest pain; down syndrome; drugs; heart catheterization; congenital heart disease; heart transplants; lesions; pulmonary atresia; arrhythmia; pulmonary hypertension; hypoplastic left heart syndrome; long QT syndrome; stents, balloons, and coils; cardioplegia; hypothermia; ventricular fibrillation; septal defects; pediatrics; pharmacology; sports medicine; strokes; Turner's Syndrome; echocardiography; angiography.
Wendy R.Steusloff, RN, ASN, LPN, ALNCNursing & Nursing Home ExpertNursing practices; patient care; standard-of-care procedures; quality and risk management policy and procedures; assisted living; evaluation and performance management; conflict resolution; patient assessments; long-term and short-term rehabilitation; medication administration; wound care; falls; pressure sores; abuse and neglect; medication errors; infections; intravenous infusions; life-sustaining measures; care planning; medical records review; nursing supervision; dementia; traumatic brain injuries; behavioral disturbances; short and long term care; tracheotomy care; catheters; peritoneal dialysis; ostomies; diabetic care; antipsychotic medications; aspiration pneumonia.
Harold 'Lynn'Stringer, BSMEVehicle Engineering ExpertMotor vehicle design, manufacturing, testing, and servicing including: passenger cars, trucks, buses, trailers, and private/commercial vehicle carriers; engines; fuel systems; electrical systems; lubrication systems; cooling systems; exhaust systems; drive trains; brakes; suspension; steering; wheels/tires; rear drive axles; A/C systems; vehicle crash safety structures; laboratory testing procedures.
Steven L.Stuard, QEIElevator ExpertElevator maintenance and repairs; modernization of elevators; installation, including associated service tasks; elevator damage and malfunction evaluation.
Michael R.Tillotson, CIH, CHMMIndustrial HygienistEnvironmental/ occupational health; occupational safety; industrial hygiene; radiation safety and health; hazardous waste management; hazardous waste sites; emergency response; pesticides/ pesticides management; asbestos; lead; noise and hazardous materials/ waste management.
Eric A.Tolles, PEElectrical EngineerLicensed Engineer in Ohio, Michigan
Industrial machinery; facilities engineering and maintenance; quality control and safety; PLC and computer control applications; electrical, control, and instrumentation systems; pick and place units; automation and robotic systems; material handling and conveyor systems; automotive, steel, food, chemical, glass manufacturing and refinery operations; systems maintenance, troubleshooting, and startup; position control; production monitoring; Man Machine Interface (MMI); alarms; tank controls; furnaces; paint equipment; personnel safety detection; humidity control; plastic extrusion; test systems; communication systems; electrical interlocks (lockout/tagout) and safeguarding; code compliance.
Teresa L.Trent, CRC, CDMS, CCM, ABVE/DVocational ExpertVocational rehabilitation; short and long term disability; workers' compensation; employability assessments; job seeking; skills training; job placement and development; labor market surveys; job-site analyses.
Ted A.Trower, CPO, FAAOPProsthetist & OrthotistOrthotic and prosthetic products and procedures; transtibial prosthetics; rehabilitation; flex-foot system; clinical practice procedures; ankle-foot orthoses; artificial limbs.
Bruce E.VanDorpe, CFI, CFEIFire & Explosion InvestigatorOrigin and cause of fires; fraud fires; arson and conspiracies to commit arson; fire science technology; safety engineering; electric and gas appliance fires; auto theft fires; bomb scene investigations; clandestine drug labs; criminal/terrorist incidents; interviews and interrogations; bomb disposal.
Louis W.Van Liere, PECivil/Environmental EngineerCivil engineering; water and wastewater engineering; treatment facilities; pump stations; sanitary and storm sewer systems; water distribution systems; water booster stations; pipe corrosion; pipe breakages; pumping failures and flooding; site development; hydrologic and hydraulic studies; floodplain management; insurance studies; waste activated sludge pumping; control systems; storage facilities; oxidation ditches; clarifiers; chlorination chambers; fluoridation; cascade aeration; "greensand" filters; turbine pumps; booster pump stations; emergency generator systems; water distribution systems; ozone disinfection facilities; backwash water recovery systems; contract bid documents; biological treatment; wetlands treatment; aquaculture management; containment pond technologies; submersible pumps; flow metering; survey data collection; insurance rate maps; computer modeling; stream hydraulics; HEC-1 Flood Hydrograph Package program; HEC-2 Water Surface Profile program; Hydraulics for Bridge Waterways; Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds; cost estimates; "water hammer" pressures.
Trent R.WaldronRecreation ExpertBilliard hall layout and design; standards of operation including safety; pool table refurbishment and service; billiard hall equipment, accessories and supplies.
ChadWalkerSafety ExpertConstruction and industrial equipment safety operations and procedures, including cranes, loaders, bulldozers, backhoes, fork lifts, skid steers, and aerial lifts; safety program training and maintenance; safety equipment requirements and orientations; employee safety and health issue investigations, reviews, and responses; OSHA and JSHA compliance; unsafe working conditions; safety audits; emergency response drills; emergency action plans.
Robert P.Walson, PhDMetallurgical/Materials ExpertMechanical and material failures; structure and component analyses including metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, wood, and construction materials; nondestructive, microscopic, and surface chemistry testing; industrial equipment; construction equipment; consumer products; chemical processes; Scanning Electron Microscope and X-ray failure analyses; engine and power system components and materials including turbines; ceramic valve seat inserts; machine elements and design; high temperature cast irons alloyed with aluminum.
William J.Warfel, PhD, CLU, CPCUInsurance Industry ExpertInsurance losses involving property damage, punitive damage, and personal injury; breach of contract; bad faith; agent/broker liability issues representing policyholders, insurers, and third parties; general liability; homeowners; personal and commercial auto; commercial property; business income; individual life and disability; professional liability; employee dishonesty; workers compensation; financial institution bond; inland marine; surety bond policies.
DavidWeichTrucking ExpertTrucking operations; maintenance; regulations/standards; safety; training; flat beds; snow plows; tandem dump trucks; loader; back hoes; bus instructor; traffic control; road repair; firefighter; emergency vehicle operations; CDL and defensive training instructor; rope, ladder, hose training; search and rescue; hazmat training.
Sander I.White, DDSDentistry/Oral Surgery ExpertDentistry and oral surgery; review dental and medical records; prosthodontics; clinical instructor; restorative dentistry; dental implants.
William W.Whitworth, PEUtility Line/Pole Expert and Electrical EngineerPower poles and overhead and underground electric power lines; NESC code requirements; wood pole analysis; pole loading, guying, and buckling; material failure analysis; compliance audits; conductor sag and tension; conductor blowouts; fuse coordination; fault studies; circuit loading; voltage drop analysis; capacitor bank and control; system reliability indices; system reliability; improvement recommendations; system inventories; inspections; mapping; underground and overhead distribution systems; engineering policies; programmable capacitor controls; guy/anchor failures; easements; estimates; training seminars.
Schield M.Wikas, DO, DF, FAOCDMedical DermatologyOsteopathic medicine; internal medicine; pharmacology; therapeutics; phlebology; dermal fillers; Botox injections; dermatology, including diseases, cancers, surgery, and injections; sclerotheraphy; hair transplantation/restoration; Staphylococcal Scaled-Skin Syndrome; Stevens-Johnson Syndrome; Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome; Hyperimmunoglobulin E. Syndrome; Scurvy; Epithelioid Angoisarcoma; Epithelioid Hemangioma; Scleromyxedema; Merkel Cell Carcinoma; cancer screening; venereal diseases; bacterial and fungal infections; cutaneous manifestations; hair and nail diseases; atopic dermatitis; cutaneous malignancy cancer; bullous diseases; Pyoderma Gangrenosum; acne/rosacea; psoriasis therapy.
Michael T.Williams, PECivil/Environmental EngineerLicensed Engineer in Michigan, Indiana, New Mexico

Civil/sanitary design including water distribution, sanitary and storm water sewer systems, pump stations, and wastewater treatment plants; administration, inspection and testing for construction of storm sewers, wastewater collection and treatment facilities, activated sludge systems, aerated lagoons, oxidation ditches, sequencing batch reactors, and secondary/tertiary treatment systems; inspector/technician training; site surveying and safety plans; project certifications; failures and malfunctions including foundations, retaining walls, roofs, structural failures, appliances, furnaces, swimming pools, spas, saunas, plumbing systems, hydraulic systems, fire suppression systems, environmental releases, and environmental remediation systems; hydrogeological investigations, aquifer tests, design and permitting.
Vaughn E.Wilson, PECivil EngineerLicensed in Ohio

Building, pavement, highway, and bridge design, construction, repair, maintenance, materials inspection, and demolition; material placement specifications; project and material certifications; bituminous concrete; aggregate and bituminous asphalt; surface treatments, joint repairs, and overlays; materials inspection and testing, including requirements; traffic signs and signals; pavement markings; street lighting.
Ralph W.Witherspoon, CPPSecurity and Safety ExpertPremises security and safety including planning, implementation and evaluation; crime forseeability; standards of care; causation issues; use of force; failure to protect; surveillance security systems; profiling and threat assessment; workplace violence; security training management and administration; investigation methodology; comparative security; "negligent security" (for murder, rape, robbery, and assault); false arrest; arson; marine shipping and port terminals; restaurants, bars and lounges; credit card theft and fraud; employee theft; retail and lodging security; mall and parking lot safety and security; loss prevention; shoplifting; crime scene profiling; crowd and riot control; school violence; negligent hiring; police liability.